Unifying Shopping eXperience System

USXS is the solution to all retail problems in reaching consumers. It seamlessly links all available technology systems and generates a truly exciting shopping experience.

Our technology is based on the full integration of an in-store application. 12Mirrors are connected to 12Kiosks, 12Mobile and e-commerce sites. The whole technology driven store will enable consumers to be independent and freely share information with friends.

USXS Devices




12Mirror recognizes clothing worn by the person in the reflection, and takes selfies that are downloadable by the user and sharable via social media.




12Kiosk is an standalone application used for browsing products, obtaining information about consumers and products, placing orders, and checking out.




12Mobile is a mobile app that can be used in-store to browse products, place orders, share with other members, and make new friends.



At Home

12Desktop offers an e-commerce website that can be developed upon request. The system can also be integrated into current e-commerce websites.


USXS offers better product information ease of use to consumers reducing operation costs by becoming more efficient in sales and marketing. It also provides information on consumer activities for marketing and production promotion.


Consumers can take and share pictures of items in store with the 12 mirror then share them via social media. These shared pictures are an effective advertising tool for retailers and manufactures while making the shopping experience more fun and exciting for consumers.


12 provides the best of traditional and online shopping with our USXS technology. Consumers can touch and feel real products while using our application in the store. This creates a heightened experience and more exposure.

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Special Offers Right now, Available!

SORA is the stand-alone promotion system that enables retailers to inform consumers in about the special offers and events. SORA attracts consumers by using the unique approach of photo-type advertising which touch screens and cameras built into the 12 application and mirror. Pictures can be shared via social networks, generating additional exposure for the brand.

Brand Loyalty

Increase brand loyalty by picture impressions on social media from the consumer and the consumers’ followers.

Viral Marketing

Increase viral marketing by consumers sharing and friends sharing the shopping experience.

Gain Clients

Increase sales by attracting more clients by pushing offers and sales events drawling consumers into the store.

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