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Start shopping smarter.

12 is an interactive shopping cart that seamlessly combines shopping and social networking for a fun and unique shopping experience. 12 integrates in-store, online, and mobile shopping with its smart mirror, mobile app, and iKiosk, while an interactive advertising screen provides special offers from shops, restaurants, and service providers.


A fully interactive experience.

The 12 Standing Mirror uses various patented technologies that satisfy simultaneously the needs of shop owners and customers, making in-store shopping fun and entertaining.

Shop anywhere.

The 12 mobile app makes shopping fun, smart, and entertaining. Local deals and discounts are sent right to your phone. Scan items with your phone's camera to get more product info. Take selfies and share with friends on social media. And best of all, never wait in line again – purchase items right from your phone!


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Recent News


Apr 2009
The first idea


Jan 2010
Incorporation of 12 Holding AG in Zurich, Switzerland and 12 Retail Ltd, in Hong Kong


Jun 2011
Development started by 12 Retail Ltd.

Aug 2011
Partnership with “The Digital Kitchen Ltd.” in Hong Kong for joint development


Dec 2012
Development of USXS (Unifying Shopping eXperience System)


Mar 2013
Test in various Hong Kong shops

Apr 2013
Patent submitted in U.S.A. and China


Sep 2014
Incorporation of 12 Hong Kong LIMITED for the Asia-Pacific operation


Feb 2015
International patent submitted in Europe and Asia

Mar 2015
Test with countertop mirror (Hong Kong)

May 2015
Incorporation of 12JAPAN K.K.

Jul 2015
Discussion with a major Japanese department store


Jan 2016
First complete implementation at Itoya in Tokyo, Japan

Oct 2016
Entered a Partnership with TechFirm for the distribution in Japan

Nov 2016
12Japan's solution "USXS" introduced by Payment Navi